Thursday, October 14, 2010


Doug is now officially mobile. He prefers to use a commando style crawl instead of a more typical crawl. I'm not sure why, we don't regularly have barbed wire or missiles in the house. Better safe than sorry I suppose.

This was the scene about a week ago:

I'd put him in his crib so that I could take a shower. He's now outgrown the bouncer and the swing, so my options for baby containment while I shower are now more limited. Anyway, I left him sitting up in his crib while I went into our room to get a rattle for him. He was quite pleased with himself, to say the least. He was very smiley when he saw me from over his crib rail. Since he could not get himself sitting up on his own, I left him in there on his back. Later that night I had Jeff lower the mattress for the first time. Sadly, he was not done.

Later that week we tarped off an area of our living room: The Destruction Zone.

We had to do it. Now that Doug is mobile, and interested in every nook and cranny of our living room, we needed to protect the carpet from the roaming spit up machine. We need it to be clean until the buyer does her final walk through. This seemed like an elegant solution to our problem, that is of course until he gets bored with his toys and wanders off. Sunday night we were straightening out the tarp and decided (like the responsible parents we are) to put Doug in the middle of the tarp and swing him (gently) around in it. Of course he loved it and was laughing and giggling as he rolled to and fro. Then he sat up. All. By. Himself. So we put him on the floor and on his back. He did it again and again. So, now we have a mobile baby that can sit himself up and pull himself up on the furniture. Game over. He's no longer allowed to be left alone, anywhere!

Yesterday I again put Doug in his crib while I took a shower. He was crying when he realized he'd been cruelly abandoned in his crib. Before I got in the shower, I noticed he has stopped crying. I poked my head out the door and heard happy and contented cooing. Which could only mean one thing: he was happy with himself because he was up to no good. So I looked in and saw this:

He probably can't climb over, and we can't lower the crib anymore. So for now, it'll have to do.

This is what I did today:

He very happily played there until he fell asleep. Standing up.

As he grows, I imagine I will have to come up with more and more creative ways for baby-tainment while I shower

Friday, October 1, 2010

And Life Keeps Moving

Life keeps moving on. We've been playing with my medication, trying to find a happy spot with it. The medication was taking nearly all of the pain away, but more than doubling my fatigue (which is why posts have been scarce). We've cut back my dose, which brings back some of the pain, but eases the fatigue a bit. So we'll see what happens.

In other health related news, I've started yoga. It's not typical yoga. It's yoga for chronic illness, so many things have been modified. I'm taking the class with a friend and there's a mix of women in the class. Every one seems very nice and most people have taken the class a few times before. My first class was last night and I ended up feeling very relaxed and energetic after class. I'm hopeful that after this class I'll be able to build up to something like swimming.

So onto house news. We are under contract! Our house is under contract and we should be under contract with the house we're buying by the end of this weekend! We didn't think it was going to happen, but all of the sudden a buyer came along and hopefully in the first week of November we'll be moved!

Douglas James is such a different baby now! He's sitting up now and is quite content to be left to himself to play on his play mat. Before this, after about 5 minutes on either his back or stomach he'd start screaming. He's also scooting. He moves, on his tummy, kind of like an inch worm. In fact, right now he's scooted off his mat and towards a chair leg, which he's gnawing on. He's also got two bottom teeth coming in and seems more determined than ever to chew on things. His eyes are still blue, and at this point, I'm thinking they're going to stay that way. I was so sure our baby would have Jeff's brown eyes, brown being a dominant color. We're also retiring the bumbo, the bouncer and the swing. He can nearly climb or twist out of them all. So now he's a free range baby!

Well, I think that pretty much bring this week up to speed!