Monday, December 6, 2010

The Cheerio Tax

It started slowly. First when Doug was about two months old he would just enviously watch me eat. Then at about three months old he started actively lunging at my plate. At four months old we finally started him on solids and he took to solids like a house on fire. Finally at six months we were told to offer him table food. Then that was the end, there was no going back.

I have not had a meal all to myself since Doug has started eating. He seems to think that he is entitled to a portion of all food on my plate. It doesn't seem to matter if its eggs over easy, a roast beef sandwich or the last slice of cheesecake, he needs to get his share in. However, the very worst thing to eat in his proximity is cheerios. He believes that cheerios are his own personal food. Every time I have a bowl he comes over, opens his mouth and hits whatever part of me is accessible (in case I over looked him some how) and then starts shrieking for a spoonful of cheerios. I estimate he usually gets about a quarter or less of my daily bowl of cereal.

There is one person in this house who seems to be exempt from food sharing. The other night, Jeff and I were finishing off the cheesecake while watching tv in the living room. Doug could see that we were each eating, but who did he stand next to and open his mouth for? That's right, Mommy. Some how Daddy is impervious to this tax.

I think tonight, in protest, I might dump a box of cheerios into Doug's bath. However, knowing him, he's just eat them.

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