Monday, June 27, 2011

Ear Lowering

As you can see, both my guys desperately needed a haircut. We've trimmed Doug's ourselves before, but he's never had it done by a barber. Just cutting Doug's nails is an ordeal, so we dreaded the day we'd have to get his hair professionally cut. As he was starting to look more and more like Justin Bieber, we thought the sooner the better.

Doug did amazingly well, Jeff, the barber and I were a bit stunned by Doug's relative calmness about the whole ordeal. He watched Jeff and several other men get their hair cut first. The lady who was cutting Jeff's hair had her 15 mo little boy there. After a while, he and Doug began pulling toys out of the box and running around. I suppose the barber feared total chaos with two toddlers running around and so he summoned Doug and I to his chair. Doug wouldn't wear the apron or anything, but he sat in my lap and didn't squirm too much. The barber was great, he was quick and ready to improvise. For some odd reason, Doug didn't mind the razor, but he wasn't a fan of the shears. So the baber was able to finish the job using mostly the razor. If I do say so myself, the pair of them look quite handsome with their hair cuts!

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