Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Phone Phail

Friday night we each got a new cell phone, sort of on a whim. We'd had dinner at the Rio in Gaithersburg and had about 2 hours until our movie. We each picked out different phones that we liked. We went home after the movie and tinkered with them for the rest of the weekend. Yesterday, we began to notice some rather irritating things about our new phones.

Jeff's phone had a small slide out key pad, a non-flip phone. So, obviously the phone had a key guard. Unfortunately, the key guard was one key. Which was easily pressed. Sunday night we heard a voice coming from Jeff's pants. Evidently he'd unlocked the phone and activated the voice command function. The phone was trying to text Jeff's boss, which was needless to say, not cool. My phone was kinda cool. It had a slide out qwerty key board and a touch screen. However, the touch screen wasn't sensitive enough, and it called everyone when I tried to set up my contact list. I have this reoccurring nightmare in which I need to dial 911, and for whatever reason, I keep mis-dialing over and over again. The other day I tried to call my doctor's office and I couldn't. Trying to call a contact not on the speed dial was not intuitive and took me nearly ten minutes to figure it out. It was my nightmare come true! The contacts list was also buried in several menus and not easy to access. Its a good phone, as long as you don't want to use it to call some one. It kind of fails in its primary objective.

So today we went to a local Sprint store in Laurel. We were told that we had 30 days to exchange the phones if we didn't like them. It turned out that we hadn't actually purchased our phones from a Sprint store, despite that the store was called 'Sprint' and had 'Sprint' printed on the receipt. After an emergency diaper change (what is it with the timing on that? always so inconvenient) we were back at the alleged Sprint store in Gaithersburg. We each got the same phone, one with a dial pad on front and a qwerty slide out key board. We each had the same phone before this too, it just didn't feel right having different phones, plus we both really liked this one. The phone is 'green', as in its environmentally friendly. I don't think it's due to recyclable materials or more efficient power but because it has some stupid apps you can get to tell you how to be green. Very silly. But we like the phones and hopefully we'll keep them.

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