Thursday, September 2, 2010


This morning I was watching the news with Doug. They were discussing the hostage situation yesterday at the Discovery building. Evidently the police had been sweeping the building all night looking for explosive devices (apparently we don't call them bombs anymore). The police told reporters that they had found several packages and 'disrupted' them (evidently we don't 'detonate' things anymore either). I have to say, the whole thing kind of made me laugh. First the mental image of an officer 'disrupting' a package; did he shake it up? tear it open?. And then I realized it was probably some unfortunate employee's lunch, briefcase or backpack and I felt very sorry for that person. Their poor lunch was probably disrupted, but luckily not detonated. The officers were still combing the building at 6 this morning. I really hope all the employees got the day off, I think they deserve it after yesterday.

Enough incoherent ramblings, I'm going back to bed.

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