Monday, November 15, 2010

Hey there!


So I haven't posted in a while. It's been a rather busy month! My fibromyalgia symptoms began to improve just as we were starting to get ready to move. So, that worked out quite well. I had the energy to pack as well as the time, so that's what I was doing. And every time Doug went down for a nap, I took a break myself, so there were few opportunities to post. So, let me see if I can fill you in on what's been going on.

We moved. It wasn't a major move, we just moved across a major road into a single family community (we'd lived in a 2br townhouse). We bought a house with four bed rooms, one of which will be a guest room and another which is a computer room, for now at least. I have to say, I rather enjoy having a computer room/office. We also have a house with one main floor and a basement, which my fibro greatly appreciates. It's nice to not be going up and down the stairs all the time (the last house didn't have a bathroom on the main floor). There's a full bathroom downstairs with the guestroom, which will be great for my in laws. We also finally got a baby gate. We hadn't put one up in the old house because we wanted to wait until we moved and we thought it would be annoying to show a house with one. The gate is between the kitchen and the dining room, which cuts Doug off from the stairs and the kitchen.Consequently Doug will pull himself up on the gate and scream when we're in there. We have our own wailing wall!

So Doug. The milestones seem to be flying by for him. At about 6 months he was pulling himself up and about a week before we moved he had started really cruising around. Now he's unstoppable. He prefers to try and cruise around the living room rather than play with his toys. We had so many boxes and such that he was able to circumnavigate the living room on his feet. He loves to walk around the coffee table, around and around. I don't know how many laps in a day he does, but I'm considering getting him a pedometer. I swear he's going to wear a rut around the coffee table. The other day Jeff noticed that Doug always goes around the coffee table clockwise. We attribute that to the fact that he seems to be pretty dominantly right handed- when he goes around the corners, he can hang onto the table with his right hand. If he feeds himself, he usually uses his right hand. If you give him something in his left, he usually passes it to the right. I didn't think handedness showed up so early. I'm not terribly surprised he's a righty, I'm pretty dominate with my right hand too. This Friday Doug will be 8 months old. We've been eating out a lot (the kitchen hasn't been unpacked yet) and ordering for Doug off the kid's menu. The portions are of course too much, but he does a good job of it. I wish restaurants had a toddler's meal in addition to the kid's menu. I think its silly that they price and portion the same meals for toddlers as well as twelve year olds!

Anyway, that's all for now. I've got a horrible head cold and want to crawl back into bed (Doug is with my mom today). I'll try to post some pics later this week.

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