Monday, November 29, 2010

Return to Normalacy

Finally three weeks after moving, we seem to be getting back into the swing of things. Last Friday we finally had our first home cooked meal, spaghetti and meatballs. Saturday we got to the grocery store and planned a week's worth of meals. Sunday we finally got back to church. All in all, I think we're getting back on track, just in time for it all to go crazy again for the holidays! Sigh.

I'm really not ready for it to be Christmas yet. I just can't seem to find the Christmas spirit this year. I would like to postpone Christmas at least 2 months. Usually all my shopping is done by Thanksgiving. I don't like to go to the mall and crowded stores after Thanksgiving, over heated stores and long lines aren't great for me. So I'm a little stressed out about that. We also haven't completely unpacked, so finding the Christmas decorations is a bit problematic. We'll be driving to Kansas City on the 18th, so we'll have even less time to shop. I'm really looking forward to going to Kansas City for Doug's first Christmas. The holiday with my in-laws tends to be a little more laid back. They also don't get to see Doug much, so I'm excited we'll be there for Christmas. My mom thinks Doug will be walking by then, but I think he'll need another month. It will be a busy December!

In other news, I'm obsessed with our new DVR. When we moved we just transferred our Verizon service to the new house, but we couldn't take any of the equipment, which seems stupid. We had to get an HD DVR even though we don't have HD tv. Well, because it's an HD DVR it's 80 gigs. It holds an absurd amount of tv. Right now, we have two work weeks (80 hours) worth of recordings, and we haven't even used 40% of the memory yet! I've been recording so many movies. I'm not sure we'll even watch them all. It's really nice to be able to record things and not worry about how much room we have.

Jeff just got our server back up, so when I get a chance to upload new pics, I will post some.

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