Thursday, February 10, 2011

Upwardly Mobile

When my in-laws were here visiting in January, Doug took his first steps (at a hair over ten months old). He walked from his grandfather to me. In the days that followed, he would toddle here and there, mostly if some one helped him on his feet and steadied him first. I didn't expect him to be functionally walking two weeks later, but that is exactly what's going on now.

Doug now spends most of his waking hours walking. He walks just for the sheer joy of it, in and out of rooms, around the living room, anywhere. Initially, his steps were cautious. He could only walk a few feet before he would fall or need to steady himself on a piece of furniture. He could also only walk one direction, if he tried to turn slightly or turn around completely, he would fall over. He has since mastered that and is adding new tricks to his walking repertoire almost daily. He now can carry things with him when he walks. I keep finding objects in all sorts of weird locations. The other day I found my cell phone in the hallway. This morning he carried a coaster into the dining room and carried Jeff's bedside flashlight into the dining room too. One of the pieces of his foam mat is now on the other side of the basement. Doug is getting good at bending over or squatting to pick up something. He has also occasionally gotten up from the floor without pulling himself up on something. Doug can also 'work' a room better on foot now. When we're out at a restaurant or a store, he'll insist on walking. We'll hold his hand and he'll drag us over so he can wave and smile at people. He gets irked when people ignore him. He's not running yet (thank God, the child has yet to realize that he has a tired mommy), but I'm sure those days are fast approaching.

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