Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today seems to be full of unexpected windfalls. This morning as I was getting Doug and myself up, my mother texted me to see if we could meet for lunch at the Amish Market. So I got Doug and I packed up and ready to go. We ended up having a nice lunch there and Doug surprised us by feeding himself with a fork! After lunch, my mother said that she could take Doug for the rest of the afternoon! I was so excited and relieved that I didn't know what to do! So, now Jeff and I can enjoy a nice dinner out and a relaxing evening!

After lunch I proceeded to Target to pick up a prescription and get some new trash cans with lids (Doug has decided the trash cans are a fun place to rummage in). Despite having called in my prescription hours ago, I had to wait about ten minutes for it. Afterward, I went to the in store Starbucks there to get myself my usual chai latte. There was a manager there, covering for the barista while she 'went to get supplies'. He said he couldn't make up the drink, but he could ring me up. I gave him a gift card, but he had trouble with it. Something had happened to it so that it wouldn't deduct the sale. The manager then put the balance of the card onto a new card so it would work. By the time he had finished with that, the barista had returned and made my drink. I went to get my drink and then I kinda waited for a second. I wasn't sure if my drink had actually been deducted from the card. So, I waited and then I decided I would slowly walk out. I thought, oh well, not my responsibility. Outside the doors of Target I began to rationalize my actions, 'I had to wait at the pharmacy,even though I'd called in my prescription', 'There was some one sitting on the bench and I had to stand and I am so sore and tired!'. When I realized I was rationalizing, I realized I was in trouble. I decided to go back in and double check that my drink had been actually paid for. The manager had been very nice about the whole card thing and I didn't want to take advantage of that whole confusing situation. He told me that it had been paid for. I left feeling better, but a bit confused, because I didn't think my balance had changed (I will admit that cold medicine is muddling my brain a tad more than usual today). But I did try and make things right.

When I got home, a package of clothes I'd ordered had come early!

So cheers, because it's almost Friday!

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