Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Saturday was Doug's first birthday. We had a rather largish party for him, I think in all about 30 people came. We had a total blast! Doug really enjoyed it. He didn't take a nap all afternoon, he didn't want to miss anything!

Our gift to him was this sand and water table. We didn't fill it with water because it was only in the 60's. All the kids seemed to enjoy it. Doug had never seen sand before, so we weren't sure how he would react. He was so excited by it that he kept grabbing handfuls of it to show us. Remarkably, he never ate any of it.

Initially, Doug was eating his cake very nicely off of a fork. But then he decided to give the people what they wanted:

I actually had cake all over my shoulder from picking him up.

Doug got so many balloons I thought he'd float away!

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