Thursday, March 31, 2011


So this was the scene the other day in Doug's room. I was putting away his laundry and he was moving around his room like a small tornado. He came upon his book shelf and systematically started ripping every book off the shelves. This 'activity' , lets call it, (I don't want to use the word 'behavior', it makes me squeamish) actually started a few months ago. He had started to become very difficult on the changing table, constantly reaching behind himself to get into the diaper organizer to grab things. I initially thought that he just wanted to play with something while he was being changed. A few weeks later I observed him with some of his toys in the basement. He has a toy pot with vegetables in it. Every time some one puts the veggies in the pot, Doug pours them out. The same with his ring stacker toy, he rips them off. He also tries to empty his toy box and the laundry baskets. I started flipping through our copy of The American Academy of Pediatrics book and only found that this emptying thing is a skill to master. I was like, um, check! I also have no idea how one year olds are supposed to 'play', other than in an investigation sort of way. He can roll a truck back and forth and turn on many of his toys. He's starting to kick a ball. I am just flummoxed. I don't know if this is atypical behavior, a phase or a personality quirk. Any ideas?

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