Sunday, May 1, 2011

Down On The Farm

Saturday we took Doug to a petting farm about 20 minutes from our house. It was the first time he'd seen animals other than household pets. At first he was fairly cautious, but as the animals ran over to greet him, he became increasingly more comfortable with them.

Baby goats! So cute!

Doug was so delighted by this little guy that he plopped down to watch him. I'm fairly sure Doug would have been content to just hang with the goats all afternoon. We walked him away from the enclosure to show him some other parts of the farm, but he just kept running back to the baby goats.

He also fell in love with this little lamb. We were initially a little nervous about him petting an animal that was obviously a newb, but both he and the lamb did well.

Doug is fascinated by birds and was excited by the ducks.

At one point, Jeff put Doug on the ground near the pony's fence. Doug realized that he could crawl under the fence to see the pony and was thrilled, until we stopped him, that is.

The other part of this property is called 'The Enchanted Forest', and they have some fairy tale themed play ground equipment and some other things, like this pirate ship and wooden train.

The farm is called Clark's farm and it's out in Columbia. It costs about $5 to get in. There is a gravel/dirt path so you could bring a stroller or wagon* if you wanted. The area where the animals are is on a field, so if it's been raining that might not work out so well. It was quite a lovely afternoon, and I encourage all of you with small ones to visit the farm.

*That was my biggest question- was the place stroller or wagon friendly, and the website did not tell me! So, now you know.

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  1. We love this place. So glad to see you all enjoying it!!

    I don't think they have rules about strollers or wagons. I've seen people with them. Great place for walking though =)