Monday, May 16, 2011

One Happy Boy

Today Doug's birthday gift from his Kansas City grandparents arrived. The company we bought it from delivered and set it up, the whole thing took a little less than two hours. And of course, luckily, the rain held off so it could be installed and so Doug could play on it.

Doug gave it a quick once over, and then ran over to the baby swing, which he very much enjoys. I think Jeff and I are going to have very buff arms after this summer. Or need physical therapy.

He was able to climb the ladder surprisingly well, once he got the hang of it.

The slide is fantastic. It was the one element that I was worried about playing with him on it on my own. It's design allows the child to slow down at the end, so Doug doesn't go shooting off of it. So, once he's sitting down on it, you can just let him go and not worry about catching him.

This child has frightening strength. He needed less help than we thought on the rock wall. Maybe I stood in front of the microwave too much when I was pregnant?

Best of all, half an hour on the swing set = nap time!

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