Thursday, March 4, 2010

The 36th Week

The 36th week has been a long one. It's not quite over yet, but I think we got through the bulk of it. I also decided I need to make a new play list rightnow, kind of like when in college you had to make a new play list and clean everything before you could sit down to study or write that term paper. But I was feeling nostalgic for Spring break, so I had to make a Spring break mix since I obviously can't have a margarita and call it a day. Some one out there, please have a margarita for me!

So. Monday. Ugh. Usually Monday the baby and I usually just camp out on the couch and relax and recover from everything we did on the weekend. However, on Tuesday I was scheduled for an ob appointment, and I wanted to get together with one of my friends this week. Lately, I've been of the opinion that sooner is better than later, so we decided on pancakes on Monday. Anyway, so I woke up Monday and the baby wasn't doing much, but I figured it was because it had been a while since I ate. The baby also takes a long nap after I shower, so I didn't think too much of it. I began to become concerned after lunch when I wasn't getting any movement. I know pancakes aren't the most exciting taste sensation, but usually I'll get a wiggle. So at Target I bought a cherry coke, and still nothing. So I got home, drank some juice and laid on my side. I got a feeble kick after half an hour or so. I decided I was officially concerned and called the doctor, and they told me to come on in. So by this time I've gone from hmmm, to anxious and I get on the highway going to wrong way. I realized it as soon as I got on the ramp. I was so annoyed. Anyway, I get there and they hook me up to the monitor and the baby was doing ok. My blood pressure was sky high, because, duh, I thought the baby was in distress and I was facing imminent surgery. After a little while Jeff got there and the Dr. checked in. The baby still wasn't moving and was having some decelerations, not really scary ones, but enough that they wanted to do some more monitoring over at L&D. So we go over, there baby got monitored and they do a huge work up on me for pre-eclampsia. After several hours, the on call Dr. (who is one of my favs) comes in and is practically glowing because my blood work was so good. She declared that the baby was quite fine, just maybe having an odd day and sent me on my way with the proviso that I eat dinner, get to bed, and keep my appointment for the following day's biophysical. Also, I must add, that all the L&D nurses just adore Jeff. Every time the monitor or the baby moved, he was on it to reposition it. They (and I) found him to be very useful.

So Tuesday. Tuesday was my regularly scheduled appointment (funny how things work out). The baby hadn't stopped moving pretty much since we got home from the hospital Monday night. But what are you going to do? So, before the bio-physical they took my blood pressure. Now see, here's the problem. My b/p is high normal, it's been that way for years. Therefore if there's any stress or anxiety, it'll spike and go over normal. Which is what happened, again, on Tuesday. I've had some issues with the fluid level and that coupled with the baby's heart rate the day before, I was still worried about an emergency c-section. I don't have anything against c-sections, but I'd like a little more than an hours notice that I'm going to have major abdominal surgery. So the doctor I saw, who is NOT one of my favs ordered all the same blood work from the day before. I'm pretty sure she didn't look at my chart. Also, if she had just taken my b/p again, she would have seen an improvement. Also, it wasn't that high. She also ordered a 24 hour urine test. Which I knew, deep down, that I probably wouldn't be able to avoid forever. That was fun. When I got to the lab to collect my jug, the tech handed me a 3.5 liter jug. I laughed and said "What do I do when that's full?". She looked at me like I had three heads and gave me an extra, which I needed to break out in the middle of the night. I am a champion pee-er. I want a plaque or something. Needless to say, I'm not concerned about it. I was annoyed/shocked that when I got to the lab today to hand in my jugs that they asked for another sample. I was like WTH? How is 4.5 liters not enough for you people? Anyway, it was a funny experience, they kind of thing that no one tells you about when you want to have a baby. So, consider yourself warned.

So, onto the lighter side. I really want to read this book called The Unhealthy Truth. It's about how additives in food can cause problems and such. Unfortunately my brain is a bowl of mush, so I'm reading this instead. Don't judge me. I've read it before and bought it for my Nook, because the book is HEAVY. Yes, it's really what it looks like. I recommend it for a mindless beach read. It's not written terribly well either, but there you have it.

This post has gotten incredibly long, so that's all for now.


  1. HAHA champion pee-er! I've known you for how long and I just learned this? I mean I know you go OFTEN but I didn't know you're also a volume goer! Glad to hear everything's going okay with the baby! Don't blame you for being worried one bit. Keep me posted! Been thinking about you guys.

  2. Hi Katie - I just wanted to introduce myself so I feel less like a creepo reading the blog of someone I don't know! I work with Erin, and she told me that I'd like your blog. I always read hers so I don't make her repeat all of the stories she's already written about to me at work. Anyway, she was right -- I enjoy reading your blog! ...Though this stressful post probably isn't the best one on which to leave this comment! I'm glad everything was okay with your baby... Good luck with everything.


  3. Yay for new readers! Welcome Molly!

    A.J- you know those party cups, the ones you can play flip cup and beer pong with? Well we had a bunch of them left over and I had decided that that was the best way to get the samples into the Jug O'Pee. Jeff, being ever practical, put a few in the bathroom in case one broke. My talent is such that I could nearly fill two of those at once. I should call Guinness!

  4. If you want a lighter approach on the food thing - check out the movie Food Inc. It is excellent.

    We all knew Jeff was helpful - so glad the nurses loved it. Your cousin fell asleep while I was in labor. The nurses were yelling at him and offering him coffee. I had to ask them to leave him alone.