Thursday, March 25, 2010

Douglas James, Part II

Wednesday, March 17th

So, I woke up Wednesday and felt very hung over. I had hardly been able to sleep at all, and not sleeping with Ambien is apparently a problem. So, they come in and check to see how dilated I am, and I'm maybe 2 centimeters and 40% effaced. So, not a whole lot of excitement there. The next thing they did was start the dreaded Pitocin. I then threw up so much that the nurse was impressed. Impressed or freaked out, I'm not sure. But I did start to feel better. So there was an upside. I napped on and off the whole morning as they increased the Pitocin drip. All throughout the morning nurses were stopping by and asking me how I was feeling. I was feeling nothing. The Pitocin wasn't seeming to do much, at one point I told the O.B. that I wouldn't even bother to take a Midol for the pain. Later that afternoon, I was at the full dose of Pitocin and still hadn't felt any contractions. They checked my cervix again and I went from 2-3 centimeters in about 12 hours. Yep. Exciting stuff. Jeff and I were hoping that they would just scrap the induction and just send me home, as there was no immediate need to deliver. No such luck. They let me eat dinner and then gave me another dose of cervidil over night.

Thursday, March 18th

Thursday is honestly a bit of a blur now. All I remember is that I was on the Pitocin all damn day, and again, nothing happened. I remember going all the way up on the Pit dose again and then being taken off. I believe that was the evening that I got to take a bath in the whirlpool tub. I also recall trying to get the doctor to give us some idea of what was going on. Thursday morning they told me that the baby would be born that day. They also stripped my membranes, but again, nothing. I believe that evening I went to bed with my third dose of Pitocin to work on over night.

More to come....

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