Friday, March 5, 2010

My Kingdom for a Bratwurst!

I usually think of myself as a sane pregnant lady. But then there are nights like this when I'm up at 12:30 microwaving a frozen bratwurst. I've never microwaved bratwurst before. The directions on the packaging don't even mention that as a cooking method. This should be educational.

Cravings are an interesting and usually annoying side effect of pregnancy. Jeff insists that the definition of the word entails "food that is not presently available or easily attainable". Unfortunately, I think I have to agree with him on that one. Invariably, what I crave is not in the house. Luckily tonight, it was just not thawed.

The nature of the beast is also such that the cravings attack between 11:30 and 1 am. It's very difficult to sleep when that one food item is ALL you can think about. It's also a bad time because places like Chipotle are closed. I really do not understand why that place doesn't have a late night drive through. They'd make money hand over fist!

Another source of angst is Mark Summers. I've never called one man so many horrible things in all my life. And I feel bad because he seems like a nice guy. He can't help that his time slot is 11-12 at night, when food is unattainable. I swear though, every other freaking show has a segment about hot dogs! I cannot stop eating hot dogs. They're horrible for you, which is why I generally don't buy them, but man, they look and are sooo yummy! The flip side to 'Unwrapped", is that it occasionally show cases food that makes me nauseous. The other night, after showing me hot dogs, he showed me Boston Cream Pie. I hate cream filled pastries, the thought makes me feel so ill. That pretty much killed my craving for hot dogs.

Alas, cooking brats in the microwave is NOT a good idea. Grilling seems best as a way to get rid of the grease. Also, in my food borne illness paranoia, I might have over cooked it, resulting in a rather hard and shriveled up brat. I suppose Jeff will be breaking out the grill this weekend to cook the rest of them. Until then, I shall have to content myself with a cup of tapioca, which is probably for the best.

Nite :)

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  1. oof... shriveled brat. just what every girl wants in the middle of the night.