Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Douglas James

So, I up and had a baby. I was not overly thrilled at the time about how events were unfolding, but as we have a healthy baby boy and I'm healthy, I can't be bitter about it. Well, I'll let myself be annoyed at one doctor and a student nurse, but that's all really. So here is the grand epic adventure of Doug's birth.

Tuesday, March 16th

On that fateful Tuesday I was scheduled for a routine biophysical profile and prenatal check-up at 3:50, at 38 weeks. At around 1, I had started having some minor contractions. They weren't regular, but they were enough to make me pause in what I was doing. I knew we had the appointment and that the ultrasound was important and very difficult to do at the hospital, so I just decided to wait until then. We had packed our bags weeks ago, so while I waited for Jeff to pick me up I went around the house collecting little odds and ends. So, we get into the ultrasound and the tech informs me that my fluid is low again. It had been around 9 cm a month ago, but the previous week it had shot up to 13 cm. This week it was only 5 cm. She told me that the baby looked good and that I would very likely be sent over to L&D, but there was no immediate danger. Things were looking ok, especially since I had been in early labor for about 2.5 hours at this point. So, we see the doctor who agrees that because I'm in labor and have low fluid and elevated blood pressure (duh, I was anxious about labor) that I should go to L&D. So, as we walk to the car I tell Jeff that this will end in a c-section. He very loyally said, no of course not, this will all be very easy! Gotta love the optimism.

So, we get checked in and find out that the only doctor we didn't like (the one who sent me for the 24 urine analysis, despite the fact that the hospital ran the same test the day before) is the one on duty. I tell Jeff that at least she will DO something instead of using a wait and see approach. So sure enough, she does do something. She examines me and despite the fact that the baby's vitals are very good, despite the fact that my cervix is high, very firm and undilated and despite the fact that the baby's head was no where close to my cervix, that we shall induce. I should also note that she told this to the nurses and did not discuss this with Jeff and I. Jeff had no idea what was going on and I had to explain that they were going to use cervidil (an insert) to soften my cervix over night. The plan was to start pitocin the next day. In the mean time, they gave me my i.v. antibiotic ( I tested positive for group b strep). I was told to expect and uncomfortable and crampy night, they offered Ambien and a narcotic, which I took. I should add that the blood pressure went significantly down, the labs came back clean and my labor stopped. They were inducing because my fluid was a bit low. Not the baby needs to be born now, low, but the baby should come in a few days low.

As this is a lengthy saga, it will come in installments.

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  1. Welcome to the world, baby Douglas!