Monday, May 10, 2010

Please take me back!

I've been unfaithful. It's true; I've cheated on my hair stylist with The Hair Cuttery. And like most celebrity infidelities, this one was not my fault. The Hair Cuttery flirted with me, promising me a great hair cut at a significantly lower price. The Hair Cuttery didn't need me to schedule a time to go. I could just show up any time and they'd take care of me, no questions or smelly products!

Like most people who've cheated, I'm ashamed and embarrassed. I'd feel awkward going back to my regular salon. They'll be able to look at my hair and just KNOW that I've had a relationship with another pair of scissors.

On the other hand, I think I got what I deserved. My hair is a mess. While my hair cut from the Hair Cuttery was acceptable, I think somewhere in there my layers got lost or messed up. My hair practically refuses to curl because it's so heavy.

I think the problem with my hair and my troubled relationship with my salon is the result of the pregnancy. My hair is already thick, and the pregnancy hormones kept my hair from falling out, so it got crazy thick. This led me to get it cut every 5 weeks, when normally I could go about 8. Getting it cut so frequently adds up quickly.

I think I need to bite the bullet and go back. My hair needs professional help. Maybe I'll bring flowers.

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  1. I did that too, when I chopped all my hair off in July 09... I went to Great Clips and I was so embarrassed going back. My trick was to tell the stylist that one of my friends was learning how to cut hair, and I offered mine to practice on since she's been such a good friend to me all these years... it worked like a charm! She even said after she was done cutting my hair that "my friend" did a pretty good job, and don't give up on becoming a hair stylist! I felt kinda bad but it did hide my shame :)