Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So, its been a while since I've posted. Last week was kind of a rough week. It seems that my female hormones and my thyroid decided that last week was the week that they were going to try to readjust themselves after the pregnancy. Basically, I was sore and exhausted all week. I'm just starting to feel better and hope to be completely better by this weekend.

Then there's the laptop situation. A few days before Mother's Day Jeff sent my laptop back to Dell for service. The screen was all jacked up and Jeff couldn't fix it himself; it was still under warranty, so back it went. Dell sent us a FedEx box and Jeff dropped it off at Office Max or whatever its called. So, last week I asked Jeff to check on the status of it. He assured me it was fine and that it would be back Friday. Friday came and went and he promised that it would be here Monday, yesterday. All day I waited, scared to take a shower for fear that I would miss the delivery man. At 6 it became apparent that it wasn't coming. Jeff finally checked with Dell. They didn't have it. He checked with FedEx. It had JUST left Beltsville for Dell yesterday. He dropped it off two weeks ago. Evidently what happened is that Office Max is NOT a FedEx place, they deal with UPS. Jeff didn't know this and the clerk who accepted the box didn't realize it was for FedEx until it was too late. They had no contact info for Jeff and instead of being pro-active they waited for either us to call them or FedEx to make a delivery, which is finally what happened. For some reason they couldn't run it half a mile down the road to the FedEx Kinko's. So it will probably be another week until I get my laptop back and I'll have to use Jeff's which is incredibly annoying and slow.

On the hair front. On Friday I finally went and made up with my hair stylist. I confessed that I had been to the Hair Cuttery. She told me to say three Hail Marys and...wait, wrong confession. Anyway, she agreed that the Hair Cuttery did some BAD things to my hair. I was the last customer that day and she ended up staying late to fix the damage. The end result is that my hair looks and feels MUCH better and that I will never ever go back to the Hair Cuttery again!

Doug. Doug got his first shots on Friday. He was fine until mid afternoon and then he became A Seriously Unhappy Baby. We had to find some infant pain relief meds as Tylenol had been recalled. Luckily we only had to go to two stores and we bought the generic. At about 3am he seemed he was finally feeling a bit better, and by that morning he was back to his usual cheerful self.

More things happened last week, most of them unexciting. But that's all for now.


  1. Please ignore the ads that are quick thyroid 'cures'. See a doctor!

  2. Since you posted to ignore the thyroid "cure" ads, it seems like there are more computer "cure" ads--especially if you've dropped your electronics in water. Or maybe those are just for me. It's like they can tell that I'm the type of person who could potentially toss an expensive iPhone in the washing machine. hm!

    Your computer woes are one of those common-sense lacking stories that would make the cartoon version of myself have steam blowing out of my head. Thank goodness i'm not a cartoon. Who'd have thought i'd ever have a reason to type that sentence? ugh.