Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Skeletons Under my Sink

So, I've been cleaning the house (finally). I knew that the area under the sink was going to be a challenge. Sure enough, I open the cabinet and there are endless hair and face products. They were all gathered together, as if to start a riot. Some of them had been under there for so long that they were shocked that the bathroom trim had been repainted. Many of them were feeling neglected, some were jealous and a few were outraged to have been stowed away under there for so long. So, in order to smooth things over, I asked them if they wanted to have their photo taken and appear in my blog. They eagerly accepted my offer.

Quite a motley crew, isn't it?

One might wonder how I could acquire such an array of products. Also, don't pretend that your cabinets don't have a good number of products. I know where some of you live and I've seen the evidence!

So here's the story. I, like just about every other woman, am still looking out for the right products. Unfortunately, some of the things I used and liked as a teenager don't work for adult hair and skin (super oil blasting and skin scraping face wash for instance. Or Mane and Tail. I really don't know what I was thinking there.)So over the years I've collected different products for different needs.

My hair really really needs some sort of leave in conditioner. It gets dry and frizzy without one. However, most leave in conditioners weigh down the curls and make my hair greasy. To top it off, I have to also use a curl scrunching gel, or else my curls flatten out. So those two things right there account for a good third or more of the products. Then you throw in the pregnancy hormones and things get interesting. My hair has always been really thick, but since the pregnancy kept it from falling out for a few months, its even worse than before. Additionally it was exceptionally oily at the end of the pregnancy and is now very dry. So I have to keep experimenting to find the right combination of shampoos, conditioners, leave in products and styling agents.

And then there's my face. In the wake of the pregnancy, it should be declared a Federal Disaster area. Perhaps I should talk to my senator. I couldn't use certain products during my pregnancy, there is some idea that salicylic acid can be harmful, and it was difficult to avoid. Of course, during the last trimester my face was super oily. I was washing it at least three times a day. Now it's very dry in some parts and greasy in others, so once again I needed to find a new battery of cleansers and moisturizers.

I wish the makers of these products would have a return policy if you weren't satisfied. I could return a king's ransom in leave in conditioners. Sigh.

And then there's Jeff's assortment of products:

Yep. A bar of soap and a shampoo/conditioner. Not a bottle of shampoo AND a bottle of conditioner. Nope. Two in one. Before we got married, the shower shelf Jeff had only had one tier to it. Sometimes it must be really great to be a guy. The only other time I envy men is when I have to pee in a cup. Thank God that's over for now.


  1. I know what you mean! I should take a picture of all of my old products so that yours don't feel so alone!

    I have some advice though :) I have been using Danu Multitasker as my leave-in, and when I want some extra curl/hold/anti-frizz, I double it up with Carmellia oil (from eBay) and Biolage Leave In creme (I think this is it: http://www.overstockdrugstore.com/products/Biolage-Hydra-Seal-Leave-In-Creme%2C-8.5-oz.html?prodid=11416 but I will double check when I get home.) The Biolage really helps with frizzies. All I do is scrunch a bit when wet and sometimes use a diffuser for a few seconds.

    I bet your hair would react really well to getting rid of sulfates... I think Pantene just put out a line of sulfate free shampoos and conditioners, and I have been using Danu (as you probably know haha)

    Anyway, long comment. Whoops :) Nice post - I especially like the "Jeff's products" pic - hehe

  2. I also have to check, it might not be called "carmellia oil" it might be something else, but it's something like that.