Monday, May 31, 2010


I love the routine of Sunday. I have ever since I've graduated from school and gotten married. Sundays sucked in school. It was always the night you had to make sure you were up in all your reading for class and caught up on all your homework. Sundays were drudgery, hardly a part of the weekend at all.

When we got married, Sunday became the day we get ready for the rest of the week. We do the laundry, some cleaning and go to the grocery store and Costco. I love going to the grocery store. Nothing is so satisfying as having fresh groceries in the house for the week.

Now we're usually up early on Sunday, mostly thanks to Doug. I like that too, though. We get to church early and then we get some breakfast and then come home before we go out shopping. I love relaxing Sunday nights with Jeff and Doug after dinner when all the laundry is done.

I also love Sunday because that's the day we put fresh sheets on our bed. I swear that's one of the best feelings ever, getting into bed with nice fresh sheets.

Sunday is a great day, it helps me get into the right frame of mind for the coming week.

Happy 4 day work week!

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  1. When I can manage to combine fresh sheets, and just-from-the-shower clean me, it's like my own corner of the world is somehow just right. The fact that there are all these huge problems and messes fade away for a moment because this one little piece works. It's rare that the two coincide perfectly though. So that I'm sparkling clean (as opposed to, uh, mostly clean? a few hours ago clean? or even last night clean?) and the sheets are just put on. It shouldn't make a difference, but somehow, it does. The sparkling clean gives me an "ahhhhh" moment. ...I guess I should chew more Orbit in bed...