Monday, July 19, 2010

Four Months Old!

Today Doug is four months old. He's starting to outgrow his 0-3 month onesies and his size 2 diapers. For the past two weeks he's been sleeping through the night, which is absolutely beautiful. He's been rolling over from stomach to back for quite a while now, although I think he does it intentionally now. He's working on rolling from his back to his stomach which results in him sleeping on his side a lot. Doug is never in the same place in the crib as he is when I put him down at night anymore. In the past month he's even seen three movies. He usually sits very nicely in my lap and watches the whole movie except for about a fifteen minute nap. Last week I took him to see 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' and he wouldn't eat during the Harry Potter preview because he was so engrossed in it (I can't really blame him there). Bath time has also become more interesting with him, he's discovered splashing. In the past month he's also been swimming! He's gone from a small chuckle to an out right laugh. It's rare, but it's totally there.

Here are some pics of the month:

Here are some risque pictures; I promised Doug they'd be tasteful.

And a few out takes:


  1. Happy 4 month bday Doug!!! He's so photogenic :)

  2. Katie is he Beautiful!!!


  3. He's so freakin' cute!