Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's been a week, and then some...

Oh my dear internet peoples, it has been a very, very long week.

Last Saturday afternoon we were getting ready for the realtor to come over and look at houses. We decided that we didn't want to drag Doug around with us, so we were going to drop him off at my parent's house first. We were all ready to go. Jeff started taking a lot of Doug's things (all at once) out to the car. Unfortunately he tripped or misplaced his foot (probably couldn't see it due to the large amount of stuff he was carrying) and turned his ankle. I helped him into the house, got him some ice and some Advil and retrieved Doug's stuff from the porch. After a few minutes I called my parents to let them know that we were not coming over and that we (at least I was) considering a trip to the ER. Usually when you sprain your ankle it'll really hurt for a little bit and then be sore for a few days. Well, after nearly half an hour Jeff was still in severe pain. After I called my Mom and told her to head over (I'm not taking an infant to the ER) Jeff admitted to me that he'd heard a snap. I wonder how long he would have walked around on a broken ankle if I hadn't insisted on taking him to the ER. Anyway, the trip to the ER was pretty quick, all things considered. I suppose an ankle is rather easy to deal with, you only need an x-ray and then you have your diagnosis. So, they casted Jeff to almost his knee, gave him crutches and sent us home. And that was Saturday.

Sunday I met with some girls I went to Holy Cross with. We had a nice time in the play area of the mall. I'd like to try to get together with more people in the fall at a park. It was just waaay too hot. That was also the first AND last time I shall ever take Doug to church alone. He was a good baby as usual, but just so ACTIVE. He wanted to climb and bounce all over me. As I'm not feeling very well right now, it was a rather draining experience.

Monday was another day filled with adventures. As Jeff broke his ankle and I'm not feeling well and I now have to do all the chores, my mom came over Monday morning to relieve me of Doug for a while. Jeff was instructed to call the orthopedist asap Monday morning. I wanted him to be seen as soon as possible, but I really, REALLY wanted to sleep. So, of course when he called at 8:30, he got an appointment for 9:45. So, we got there and the Dr. looked at the x-rays and determined that Jeff has only taken a chip of the smaller leg bone off. Evidently when he rolled his ankle, the ligament pulled on the end of this bone and took a piece with it. We got a MUCH better prognosis, only 3-6 weeks as opposed to 6-8. They removed Jeff's cast and fitted him with an ankle brace, you can barely see it over his sock. He can wear a shoe and as long as he uses crutches, he can put a little weight on it. When we got back home it was nearly lunch time. We decided to take my mom and Doug out to eat to our favorite Thai place in Rockville in celebration. On the way home we could see very dark clouds following us home. If it hadn't been for a broken down semi stuck in the middle lanes of the beltway, we would have beaten the storm home. When we got home, my mom just ran in her car and left. We managed to get Doug into the house without him waking up or getting too wet. Then I flicked on the lights. "Huh, must be burnt out, let me try another." Then I noticed that the oven clock wasn't on. Our power NEVER goes out. The cables are all buried underground. It's never been out for more than 20 or 30 minutes. Since Doug was asleep and our power was out, we decided to take a nap. It ended up being very short lived because Doug of course woke up. I helped Jeff take a bath and decided to throw Doug in there too. My hair was all frizzy due to the rain, so after I took a shower. And then it started to get hot. Monday was well into the 90's and the electric company's hot-line stated that power should be back by 10. So, at 5, we had some time to kill. We couldn't really go to a mall with Jeff being on crutches, so we decided to go see a movie, any movie. I mean, they have coke and air conditioning, how much else can you want? I'd been wanting to take Doug to a movie to see how he fared, but I haven't wanted to go without Jeff. A late Monday afternoon showing seemed like the perfect opportunity. We got to the theater and bought tickets for the movie that was playing soonest, which ended up being Toy Story 3 in 3D IMAX. Doug was sleeping, but woke up during the previews. I held him in my lap and he watched the WHOLE movie. Well, not exactly, he fell asleep for the last ten minutes, but then woke up for the credits. He didn't have the benefit of 3D glasses, so I suppose it was a little blurry for him. He was really good, didn't cry or fuss at all. We went out to dinner after and I kept on thinking he'd pass out, but nope, still awake. When we got home the electricity was back, so we were very happy. Doug had been sort of laughing the last few weeks, but that night I got an actual chuckle out of him.

Tuesday. I don't remember Tuesday other than Jeff stayed home. Sorry Tuesday!

Wednesday I finally bit the bullet and decided to go to the doctor. My parents came over and collected Doug around 9:30. They bought a car seat for him that seats infants and children til they're 16 or something crazy like that. It was on rollback at, and they didn't realize that it was purple with pink flowers until after they ordered it. But it works fine and Doug seemed comfortable in it. They took him to watch trains, to a park for lunch and then to visit his great grandpa. Needless to say, we got back a tired baby!

Anyway, back to the doctor thing. I've been feeling fatigued and very, very sore for a few weeks. My thyroid checked out fine, so now we're back looking at the usual suspects. I'd been hesitant to go to the doctor because I'd been fearing the "Well, you have a 3 month old, of course you're tired" spiel. My doctor did bring that up and I tried not to roll my eyes. Yes, a three month old is tiring, but I shouldn't wake up feeling like I'd run a triathlon! So they did blood work for Lyme, anemia, magnesium, vitamin D, and uric acid. Over the past two years I've been tested for Lyme (they like that one a lot), Lupus, anemia, Celiac, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Mono (it checked positive, but was not an active infection. I don't really like where this is going. My doctor told me that she "hoped nothing turned up". Anyone who's dealt with chronic illness WANTS something to turn up. There's nothing more frustrating than being ill and having all your blood work come back fine. Ideally, something easily treatable and totally manageable will come back, but I hope to God that something comes back! I was like, what an awful thing to say!

Anyway, today, Thursday, Doug had a doctor's appointment to look at some irritated skin on his face. I think it's just dry skin, and it's treatable with lotion, but it just never goes away. Well, I was feeding him at 6 and I noticed that he seemed to need a diaper change. So, I picked him up and that was the most horrible CDF (catastrophic diaper failure) ever. Lets just say they comforter will very seriously need to be cleaned. After that I just lost it. I was SO tired and SO sore that I could not fathom another errand, much less going downstairs. Jeff ended up staying home with us today so I could rest and we rescheduled Doug's appointment for next week. I had a feeling the doctor would not want to deal with a cranky baby who wanted to be fed and a hysterically sobbing mother. We went to the Amish Market for dinner and then to Trader Joe's for some more gfcf waffles, so I am a happy mama now.

This weekend is looking better than the week has been. I'm going sandal shopping with a friend tomorrow. I've been looking forward to that for a while, especially as my two favorite pairs aren't faring so well these days. Sunday is my family's 4th of July crab feast, I'm very excited about that. Monday is Jeff's 30th birthday and the government has given him the day off to boot! We were planning on going to the Pocono's for his birthday, but we've postponed until September because of his broken ankle.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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