Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Give Peas a Chance

We've decided to make our own baby food. I believe our pediatrician said I was 'industrious'. But really, I think that its the best choice for us and Doug. Tonight it took about 10, maybe 15 minutes to steam and puree some peas for him, and it made four meals worth from about a third of a bag of frozen peas. The bag of peas cost about $1.80, and each jar of baby food is about a dollar apiece. So for less than 2 dollars, we'll get approximately a dozen jars of food. I'm very excited about making his food. In addition to it being way more cost effective, it can also be healthier. Canned baby food is pasteurized at such a high temperature that it kills some of the vitamins in it. We can also make it to whatever consistency Doug likes. It allows us to make him a variety of foods he might not otherwise get in a can. I have to say that I love the vivid green of the peas!


  1. haha! Is he starting to look more like you Katie? I can see it more and more. I am surprised how bright those peas are! Makes me hungry.

  2. I've never thought pureed peas looked cute before.