Friday, April 23, 2010

One Month!

On Monday Doug became one month old. It has been a very educational month. For example, I didn't think we'd have to deal with Catastrophic Diaper Failure (hence forth known as CDF) until he was much older. Most unfortunately, not only has he has several leaky wet diapers, but he had a poopy one leak too. For some reason the child objects to my only nice cotton night gown. It comes out of the wash and quickly returns. I feel like we should wear ponchos, like the ones they hand out at Sea World when you sit in the 'splash zones'.

Doug has also grown so much. It's amazing and heart breaking at the same time. He's really not going to be so little forever! Even my in-laws, who were here for two weeks, were able to witness Doug's growth. When they arrived, he still had some what of a Jell-O neck, his head wobbled side to side. Now he can pretty consistently control it when he's upright. The only time he has difficulty is when he's tired. He's also grown out of some of his onesies and out of his new born diapers. He's also being to become accustomed to bath time. He doesn't flail and scream so much, now he calmly looks around and takes the whole process in.

We've also experimented with his diet a good bit to get his reflux under control. I think we've finally hit on the right combination. Initially, the Dr. put him on a 'spit up' formula which was thicker. Doug liked it, but his digestion wasn't so fond of it, it made the poor guy constipated. We gave him sugar water, which he greatly enjoyed, but it didn't seem to help. Now he's back on his regular formula and takes liquid Zantac three times a day. He doesn't scream when he's fed anymore. Well he does, but only when he's burped because he's obviously not eating when he's burping. He's not in pain though, just impatient!

I think we're more entertained by him than he is by us so far. In the evening he can be quite lively, just cooing at us and trying to check out everything in the room.

I want him to continue to grow, but I think I'm going to miss these days when he's just a little bundle!


  1. aw Katie he is so cute!! I need to come see him again soon... I may or may not have more gifts! Do you guys need anything?

  2. Lol, Lord, I hope not! I can't imagine there is anything else this child needs! But yeah, maybe the weekend after next you can come visit. My in-laws are leaving tomorrow, and we're just having a veg out, pajamas, DVD's and pizza kinda weekend. I'm practically salivating at the thought of it!

  3. he looks awesome! ill be over soon to see him. he's looking great! he'll be slapp'n bitch's in no time..haha j/k

    -Unkee John

  4. i think it's possible that nothing sunk in after you made a "sea world" reference.