Friday, April 30, 2010

He sleeps with the fishes

Earlier this week I got desperate. Doug would just not sleep in his bassinet. He wouldn't even lay there quietly and contemplate life. I had noticed that he really like to stare at this.

We call it 'The Little Man' because that's kinda what it looks like. It's a night light that's rechargeable and removable from it's base. It has a setting for each of the three primary colors (of light) and one where it uses them and fades from one to the next. He LOVES to watch it fade from one to the other. So as I said, I was desperate. I stacked it on some books so he could see it over the bassinet and put it on the color change mode and voila! Quite and content baby!

So I thought about this development and realized that we could probably procure something more interesting for him to look at, so we got him this.

It's really nice, it has settings for annoyingly restyled classical music and a rain or waterfall sort of noise. We vastly prefer the water noise. The fish of course move, but only in one direction. Luckily the logic of that does not perturb Doug. It plays for 25 minutes; the fish swim with the lights and the music for the first ten. Then the lights dim and the fish stop swimming and the sound still plays. Then for the last 5 minutes it's just the sound which gets quieter. It also come with a handy remote which has become like a snooze button for me when he starts stirring or when the fish stop swimming. Let me tell you, Doug is not so keen about the fish not swimming. Maybe he knows what happens when a fish doesn't swim anymore, I don't know. All I know is that in the middle of the night my hand better find that button OR ELSE! It's also a bit demoralizing to realize that you've watched the fish swim for 40 minutes yourself. I do enjoy the rain sound though, its quite soothing. I had to delay posting this because the fish tank ran out of batteries and Doug just kept staring at it mournfully, trying to will the fish to start swimming again.

Anyway, Happy Friday!

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  1. Ah Motherhood - there are times when I realize I'm watching Veggie Tales - alone for a long time as the boy has left the room. The fish look enjoyable though.

    He's super cute!