Sunday, April 11, 2010


Friday was the first day that we went out without Doug and all his various accessories (which we accumulate more of by the day!). Friday morning we had to go to the MVA (long story) and we left him with my Mom, because the MVA just screams 'Germs!" to me.

Friday night we went out again and my parents came over to sit with Doug. Initially we were afraid we'd be spending Friday night in the ER. My incision wasn't looking and feeling so good, so we called the OB and luckily they said it didn't sound serious, so we could go out! Which was a relief since I'd been planning my outfit since Thursday afternoon. I think I was almost more excited about my outfit than the outing itself. I got to wear a nice sort of fitted top, a cute jean skirt and my favorite pair of heels. They're Steve Maddans that I found at an amazing sale a few years ago, platform sandals that are metallic pink. Anyway, I was dying to wear them and normal clothes again.

We met some friends of mine at Pub Dog for a friend's birthday. My friend Katie had a baby in December, and I think both of us were some what marveling in our 'out of the house with out the baby' evening. I of course was also very excited to consume an adult beverage (I'm not breast feeding). The size of the beers were odd, they were 8 or 10 oz and they were 2 for $4. However, they were very yummy. Very girlie beers, flavors like blueberry, peach and raspberry. I tried the raspberry and then had a raspberry beer with their stout, sooo delicious! I'm not sure why they didn't just pour both peers into a pint glass and call it a day, but there you have it.

After being out for about 3 hours we went home. I started to miss Doug and wanted to get home and relax and clean for a bit before my in-laws got in later that night. It was nice to get out, but it was also good to get back home :)

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  1. That was a great outfit!! It was so good to see you guys. And very cute that you were missing the little man :)