Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not Quite So Peachy

Ugh. I apologize for the decrease in postings, but I kinda feel like a truck hit me, and then backed over me for good measure.

It started around Mother's Day. I began to feel a little tired and sore, and its just been spiraling down from there. I'm not sure if it's related to my body adjusting back to it's non-pregnant state, or if it's related to the Whooping Cough vaccine I received the week before Mother's Day. Since I have auto-immune thyroid disease, anything that activates my immune system usually makes me sick. I've decided that this year Jeff and Doug will get the flu shot, and I'll try to avoid sick people and do copious amounts of hand washing.

I'm not sick to the point where I was 2 years ago, and I hope to not let it get that bad. I'm due to have my thyroid checked next week. So potentially, I could start to feel better in a week or two. Right now I'm just kind of relaxing, trying to save what energy I have for Doug and cursing the fact that I have to go upstairs to the bathroom. My legs are screaming in pain.

Also, I'm trying to avoid WebMd. There's nothing like diagnosing yourself with new diseases! Last week I diagnosed myself with Celiac disease. I'm not a total nut case, fyi, it's totally plausible that I have it. Once your body figures out how to develop antibodies towards one tissue or organ, its more likely to do it to something else. I went to the doctor to get tested for it last week, and they have yet to give me the results, which makes me nervous. Each time I called them about it, they deflected me. Yesterday they told me the results were in the mail. I have this feelings they're avoiding me because they don't want to deal with questions I might ask if its positive. Which is fine, I get that, I won't be annoying. I'd just like to be able to get in the list to see a specialist sooner rather than later if I need to. More likely than not my tummy issues are stemming from my lack of gallbladder. Let's see, I think Saturday night I diagnosed myself with Fatty Liver Disease. I think I talked myself out of that one by reasoning that the surgeon who removed my gallbladder should have said something if that was the case. Last night I was concerned with Multiple Sclerosis. I find that and Lupus to be absolutely terrifying. I was tested for Lupus last year (not my idea) and was so happy when it came back negative. But back to MS. I realized that I didn't have enough symptoms for it and that the symptoms I did have in common with it are likely do to my thyroid.

Commonalities between chronic illnesses makes them very hard to diagnose. Also, it can make you crazy thinking you have something else, or put you in denial. For instance, I was having gallbladder attacks a good 6 months or so before I had the gallbladder removed. I'd have an attack and think that I'd irritated some muscles in my abs, which is plausible given the hypothyroidism. I'd had about 3 or four attacks that were pretty mild before I had the one a year ago in January that sent me to the ER. I felt like a moron when they realized it was my gallbladder. So now when a new symptom creeps up, I get totally paranoid.

This was a very long rambly post. Most of you probably think I'm crazy now. But it's really the fatigue/muscle aches combined with raising an infant. Yeah, let's go with that...

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