Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Gift

So, this came for Doug in the mail today.

It's from a well meaning, but eccentric and clueless relative. I won't say whose side of the family this person is on. This person has grown children and is hence a mother. The price tag that was still attached to this, lets call it a thing, indicated that she paid $19.99 for it. The shipping label on the box listed postage as being $9.99. So in all, this gift cost approximately 30 bucks.

Now, I am sure that no matter how I say this I'm going to come across as ungrateful. But come on! Seriously?!? If you're going to spend 30 bucks, send something useful! Doug does have some things that he's still too small for. All those things are clothes, and will be needed in the Fall. He does have some other stuffed animals, but they are all appropriately sized for an infant or a toddler.

As my Mom pointed out, this thing could definitely suffocate him. I don't want to think of what would happen if this thing caught on fire.

Needless to say, we're not keeping it. I'm torn between giving it away to charity or flat out throwing it out.

For a baby to bunny comparison:

Note the terrified look on Doug's face.

To show obvious baby hazard:


  1. HAHA he LOVES it!!! :) that's not fear, that's extreme joy lol

  2. Mike and I are sorry if this is coming from the Peganator =)

    You should see the Cat in the Hat she gave Mike for Xmas three years ago.

  3. I do love the filing labels on this blog posting.

    I owned nail polish in pretty much the same shade of green in 10th grade as the bunny seems to have randomly placed on the pads of his feet...