Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Milk Was A Bad Choice

No, I didn't have any milk, I just enjoy that quote from Ron Burgundy; that one and the one about the origin of 'San Diego'. Anyway, it's time for an update on the gfcf diet.

Last Thursday I went to the local Amish Market to get some ribs for dinner. I'd had ribs the week before from Famous Dave's so I wasn't worried about it. Well, about fifteen minutes into dinner, I felt really sick. I was quite bewildered at the time. I wondered if there was some how butter on the ribs or in the sauce. Later that night Jeff pointed out that the ribs had been really fatty, which got me to thinking. The pizza we'd had the week before was very greasy. Pizza is typically greasy, but then you throw ham and pepperoni on it and it's insane. I don't have a gallbladder anymore; which if you don't know, stores bile from the liver to break down food, particularly fatty and greasy foods. The liver can do it on its own, but there's a period of adjustment after the gallbladder is removed. Afterward most people don't have any problems, but some people just don't readjust. I have a feeling that's the problem. I think dairy was causing issues because of the fat content.

So Saturday I felt daring about my new theory. My grandma had invited us over for dinner and had Ledo's pizza. It's spectacular pizza, especially if you get it form the original Ledo's, which she did. It can also be pretty greasy. So I took care to only eat a few slices of just the cheese pizza and get rid of as much of the grease as I could. And I didn't die! I wasn't in agony minutes or hours later. The next night we went out to dinner for Father's Day. The restaurant had a special menu for the occasion. I wasn't planning on that and I felt quite ambushed by it. I'd wanted to get a nice piece of grilled fish, nice and lean and no grease. Instead of their normal variety of grilled fish, they only had salmon. I like salmon, but its not my favorite. My brother ordered the same thing, and we were both surprised by how greasy it was when it came. But it ended up being ok, as long as I avoided the mushrooms(one of my fav foods!). I still felt daring so I ate a roll with real butter! Again, I didn't feel sick during or hours after the meal.

Although I didn't feel sick to my stomach, I did feel ill this weekend. Last week when I was entirely gfcf, I felt great. I had great energy, I slept well and my muscles and joints didn't ache. After Saturday night, I felt sore and achy and just generally unwell. I think it's still too early to point the finger at wheat and dairy, but I have heard of people feeling much better without it. So, I think I shall say good-bye to wheat and dairy. I felt so well last week, and really, I can live without them if it means I will feel that great.

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  1. This gallbladder removal being the root of all evil? Seems completely logical to me. I am not hugely knowledgeable in that area, but I can follow the whole Bile-grease flow chart. Definitely something worth looking into, in my opinion.

    Although, my opinion now is that I really would like to eat ribs, Ledo's pizza, and rolls with real butter. So potentially, my opinion (much like my cravings) are easily swayed.